One of the tools for raising capital for investment and development for enterprises and companies are bonds. They are an alternative form of investing surplus funds. Bonds are an investment opportunity for both beginners in the multiplication of money as well as the experienced. High interest rates are not enough to achieve the benefits of bonds. The success of this form of investment requires thorough analysis, expertise and knowledge of the market, as well as awareness of the risk and wise management. We skilfully combine all these elements. And we want to share them. Fracthon offers comprehensive services related to the preparation and the completion of the Bond Issue. Our clients can count on the development and implementation of the entire process of raising capital for development. In this respect we offer: assistance in the preparation of issue documents such as prospectuses, business plans, information memoranda, feasibility studies. We monitor the entire cycle of obtaining financing and guarantee assistance at all its stages. We analyse and support the transaction and we seek entities for strategic and capital businesses.


For entrepreneurs who want to realize their strategic objectives and to effectively and optimally use their capital, the Fracthon helps and advises on raising capital, bank and bank-external financing. We assist in searching out the objective of the investment and directs our clients at all stages. The company’s objective is primarily to direct our clients to the creation of added value. We are a team of professionals with years of experience. We guarantee efficient execution of the whole investment process for both the selling and buying partner. We always have the interests of our clients in mind.