The success of a development and investment project depends on market analysis. A proper diagnosis and assessment of the opportunities and risks of the project both from the technical and economic perspectives allow investors to select the optimal project implementation. This ensures a safe investment and cast-iron profits. Our services include: real estate expertise, qualitative and quantitative evaluation of development projects, valuation, and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the investment. We help in creating business plans, completing documents required for the project, and monitoring the course of the investment. The offer is aimed at clients who need technical and project evaluation of an investment. There are situations in which it is well to use the support of professionals. These appear especially if the investment is not developing as intended. It’s worth finding a solution to remedy the situation, and the best solution to ensure profits. Fracthon Group consultants will support you with their professionalism. They will help solve difficult investment situations, prepare business plans, completed the documents required for the project, and they will also focus on monitoring the course of the investment itself.
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Every property owner wants to get the greatest return on their investment and guarantee a stable income at the expected level. Professional conduct of real estate commercialisation translates into maximising investment returns. Fracthon Group’s real estate commercialisation offer includes services such as analysis of market trends, competitive assessment, analysis of legal content, technical evaluation, monitoring of the reliability of potential tenants, seeking additional income from the property, and consulting to optimise the income from the property in question in relation to operating costs. We prepare and issue opinions on agreements to purchase real estate, as well as on subsequent rentals, and negotiate terms. Fracthon Group’s experienced advisors will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market, which will help in the reliable process of property commercialisation. They will also help finalise it effectively. If you have a property or need assistance in acquisition and commercialisation, we invite you to contact us so that we can provide you with professional support.


Financing of investments with an investment or investor loan is for many investors a real challenge, especially when you take into account the banks’ requirements and standards. Any company seeking to obtain a bank loan must have a professionally prepared business plan and many other documents – not just financial. This is a difficult and painstaking task. The Fracthon Group proposes support offering the following services: development of an optimal financing strategy and process structure, preparation of financial forecasts, business plans, preparation of loan applications, and negotiation of the terms and conditions of loan agreements. We closely analyse all bank tenders received in terms of optimising the financial requirements, including in particular the reduction of fees incurred and to ensure operational and financial security. By working with our experienced investment and financial advisors, our customers save time, and gain professional expert service and favourable conditions – we assist in choosing the loan offer, negotiate conditions with the bank and help avoid the conclusion of an unfavourable contract. We follow our individual assessment of the client’s needs and prepare all documents with extreme care and precision.